About Me


ameenalaceyheadshotAmeena Lacey is a Mind Body focused fitness and dance instructor and owner of The Art of Movement. Her mission is to help clients who experience daily and workplace stress find their potential as healthy, happy & fit people.

Ameena teaches group, corporate and private Pilates, Total Barre and dance aerobics classes. She incorporates elements of alignment, breathe control, focus, myofascial release and meditation into her classes. She teaches in an intimate studio setting allowing for personalized attention, privacy and focus on proper form.

Helping her clients realize the importance of Mind Body focused exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle is key to her success. Benefit of a regular practice include lowering stress, finding proper alignment and correct posture while building strength, flexibility, endurance and alleviating pain.

Why Do We Need Pilates?

Today’s modern lifestyle can wreck havoc on our bodies and posture. Long hours of sitting and screen time can lower blood flow, cause pain in the shoulders, neck, back and wrists as well as tightness in the hips, hamstrings and throughout the body. Regular movement with a mind body connection can help alleviate these stresses and give freedom from stiffness and pain. 


Ameena completed her Stott Pilates certification in mat work, reformer and stability chair with an apprenticeship in 2011 at Pacific Northwest Pilates in Portland, Oregon. She completed her Total Barre training through Merrithew Fitness center in NYC in 2013 with founder Moira Merrithew. She regularly takes training courses to keep up to date on new fitness trends. Ameena came to the world of fitness through a dance and yoga background. After the birth of her child, she found Pilates to help regain core strength and felt immediately connected to the practice.

Quote: “I love teaching Pilates & Barre, as a workout it has incredible efficiency of movement. It's controlled, precise movements make you feel graceful and tall.”

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